Day ofVoxer

Experience the power of personalised business guidance with a Day of Voxer with me.

Struggling to navigate your business challenges? Need tailored, expert guidance to breakthrough and elevate your success?

The Day of Voxer is the one for you.

This service is designed to provide you with one-on-one attention and strategic guidance for your business.
During our day together, we'll use the Voxer platform to facilitate in-depth conversations, allowing us to address your specific business challenges and aspirations at your own pace.


Day of Voxer is priced at £750.

If you’ve been wanting to work with me, but aren’t quite sure, the Day of Voxer is the perfect stepping stone. It’s an accessible way to get personalized support and guidance from me without the long-term commitment of a full consulting retainer package.

In one transformative day, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to have me in your corner, helping you navigate the challenges of your business. I’ll be there to provide you with clear, actionable advice tailored to your unique situation, and we’ll be able to dive deeper than a single coaching call could ever allow.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your business, or maybe you have an idea that you’re just not sure how to execute. In our Day of Voxer, we’ll not only address these issues but also uncover your next steps and build a strong action plan together.

This is a unique opportunity to tap into my expertise and receive a whole day of support and guidance. It’s time to take that leap, to invest in your business and yourself. If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time. The Day of Voxer could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Let’s get unstuck, gain clarity, and move your business forward together.