What is a wedding venue consultant and why do you need one?

If you work own or work for a wedding venue, I bet you haven’t even heard of a wedding venue consultant. Why do you even need a wedding venue consultant?  Everything is bobbing along ok, and your staff are performing as expected. How would an outsider be able to tell you things that you haven’t discovered for yourself?

To answer these questions, I need to go back a little bit.

venue consultant the venue expert

Zoë is a wedding industry authority with a wealth of knowledge and experience

About Me

I have worked in some of the most prestigious wedding venues in the north west. I gained so much experience working at these venues. However it was always the business side of the enterprise that held my interest most. Conversion rates, year on year sales, the portion of the budget that my department held. It got to the point that the organising of the weddings wasn’t what I was interested in. It was increasing the revenue that held my gaze.

I left my last wedding-based role for the corporate world in 2017. Whilst working in the world of football I began to research the opportunities working within the wedding industry. I knew I didn’t want direct involvement with the actual wedding couples. Combining my loves of wedding venues and business, the idea for The Venue Expert was born.

In late 2017, my employers and I came to an agreement I wasn’t the best fit for the role. (Read: my contract was terminated for spending too much time on my own work and not enough on theirs!). This was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I am free from the shackles of working for someone else. I have been able to forge forward in creating a business that I am truly passionate about.

venue consultant the venue expert

Zoë in action in her venue coordinator days!

My Passion

I believe that many wedding venues and their staff can be amazing. Heroes, if you will. After all, without a venue can a wedding even happen? (a.k.a “if a tree falls and there is no one to hear is does it make a sound” type questions!).

However, many wedding venues don’t have the time, money, energy, experience or knowledge to sell themselves well. Furthermore, they fail to train the wonderful staff that they have employed.

Each venue is in danger of becoming a conveyer belt of weddings in all shapes and sizes. Your staff need to be empowered enough to have the confidence to sell the venue.

venue consultant the venue expert

Are your table scapes out of date? Zoë can help you refresh and refocus

Why do you need a wedding venue consultant?

Maybe your conversion rates are low (I know why). Or your enquiries aren’t coming through at the rate they used to (I know why). Maybe you have the enquiries and the conversions you aren’t making a profit (yep I know why).

I have spent a long time studying and understanding the psychology of couples and the strategy behind what it takes to be a great wedding venue. I have the tools to help you create something amazing. It takes a forward-thinking venue to realise that actually, someone from the outside is exactly what they need to be as successful as they can ever be.

Someone who is impartial and honest can give you fresh eyes on your business. An expert in their field can breathe new life into what you have on offer.

Every venue that I work with has its own challenges to work with and that is what I love. Maybe it’s that the paint is peeling or the ops team aren’t gelled together well. Maybe the wedding coordinator hasn’t had any training and is being completely overwhelmed by being faced with the prospect of organising someone’s Very Special Day™. Or the suppliers that you work with are hindering your performance and giving out totally the wrong message. Or your staff maybe just don’t care enough because they can’t see the overall vision and end goal. Whatever it is that is blocking you from becoming the best in the business, I am able to help you work through these blocks and ensure you succeed.

venue consultant the venue expert

A full report and strategy can elevate your venue performance

What do I do?

Another thing that a wedding venue consultant can do is help to launch a new venue or package. Many venues don’t have clear objectives in the type of couple that they want to attract and in doing so don’t attract anyone! Starting with a breakdown of suppliers that align with the ideal client, through to the building of new packages and ending in a styled shoot to launch the new package, a venue consultant can then get these images and story to outlets that also align with the ideal client. Social media advertising is all well and good, but for venues, collaboration and widespread sharing is a much quicker way to build momentum in the industry.

Speaking of social media, many venues don’t have a consistent social media strategy – this is also part of the service that The Venue Expert offers. A coherent strategy that means every single thing that you put out into the world wide web is speaking to the future clients that are yet to book you.

venue consultant the venue expert

Get in touch to find out how we can work together

Get in touch!

This is not a one size fits all approach. I am only able to do so much – as a venue, much of the responsibility is on you to implement recommendations and follow through on strategies devised. But as a wedding venue consultant in Lancashire, I offer support every step of the way and am only a Skype call or car ride away from any crisis that arises.