the wrong kind of busy

We’re all busy, right? Like super busy all the time. We wear this busyness as a badge of honour sometimes.

“How’s things?”

“Oh yknow how it is, it’s super busy right now and I just…”.

You just what? Like you know you’re in charge of your time right? Coz I definitely didn’t realise this until a few weeks ago.

The being busy thing is a bit of a paradox isn’t it? Because we WANT to be busy, we NEED to be busy – but I think an important distinction is to categorise the busy.

Here’s the thing – if you’re too busy with client work to work on your business – that’s the wrong type of busy.

If you’re too busy with making graphics in Canva that is also the wrong type of busy.

And as someone who is super black and white – I can’t deal with the WRONG type of anything!

In my 100 reps that we are still on with over on WhatsApp, I ask everyone to fill in a weekly growth tracker. Here are the results after 1 month of growth activity – look what everyone is spending their time on:

As you can see, nearly a quarter of participants time is being spent on content creation.

And I just think that’s a bit…bonkers?

So here it is, my free, unsolicited advice for you this week.

You already have all the content you need, you just need to get better at repurposing it.


I actually have engaged a brilliant freelancer to take everything I put out and put it into an Airtable database for me to be able to reuse across my socials or emails, depending on where I posted. Because I know there are so many golden nuggets out there and they just fade away like the smoke before the reveal on Stars in their Eyes.

Here is what she wrote to me after deep diving into my Insta:

And yes, sure, I am paying her and so yes probably that does have a sway on what is said to me, but I have a database full of bits of ideas that I can now flesh out, rather than trying to come up with new takes on things all the time. Nifty, no?

But the TL;DR version? Stop spending your time ideating. I know why we all do it, especially if you are spicy brained like me – you like the ideation because it gives you the dopamine that you’re craving, so doing the thing isn’t going to compare. However, really – doing the thing gets you paid.

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