What are your big career goals? Do you have a plan? I had a clear goal in mind when I started out. I wanted to work for the top wedding venue group in the North West (at the time, in my opinion!). So I worked my ass off learning on the job I had, my first in the industry, being like a sponge and questioning everything – in a totally respectful way of course!

After three and half years of doing everything – admin, ops, staff management, liquor orders hell even cleaning the toilets, I applied for a job with the company. I felt I was ready to go and work for the behemoth that was dominating the local industry. I got an interview! OH YEAH BABY!

“Go and get some hotel experience and come back to me”

Off I tootled, over the hills, and interviewed with a Very Scary Lady™ who I later found out was the Operations Manager for the group. The venue I was interviewing for was a hotel, the venue I was coming from was not. The interview was like nothing I had been through before, very relaxed and calm but piercing and probing, with her wanting to know who I really was.

I drove away from the interview feeling super confident. She liked me, I could tell. I was about to fulfill my next step in my wedding coordinator career.

I didn’t get the job.

Why? Well she liked me, I hadn’t been wrong about that. But my lack of hotel experience meant that she couldn’t offer me the role; I needed to know how a hotel worked and she didn’t want to take that chance on me when the venue was doing 150+ weddings a year and it was very full on. “Go and get some hotel experience and come back to me”. A throwaway comment maybe, but I took those words and ran. I was gutted – jobs just didn’t come up in the group. Ever. People went there and stayed.

I was nowhere near ready for the job that I had applied for.

My plan had changed and I wasn’t sure I liked it. Nevertheless, every hotel job that came up within a 30 mile radius was on my radar. After about six months I successfully moved to my next role, wedding coordinator in a 180 bedroom hotel, with 13 event spaces and the ability to host up to three weddings a day 🤯. What a change from my no bedroom, exclusive use, 60 wedding a year bubble!

Again, I set to work. Learning, absorbing and sometimes changing the way things were done to get them done better. Here I learnt about CRM systems, reservations (OPERA – joy!), working with many different events happening at the same time. Very Scary Lady™ had been right – I was nowhere near ready for the job that I had applied for. 

One year later, a job became available at the company, but this time at the flagship hotel. Off I went again, aced the interview with the GM and was told there and then I had made it through to the second interview with Very Scary Lady™​. I was so ecstatic, I was finally going to be where I wanted to be.

Except, again it wasn’t to be. I expected to get a date for my second interview pretty swiftly, but one week went by, then two. My now husband and I had just bought out firt house and didn’t even have a bed yet, with plaster falling off the walls, and I was stuck in this job that was only ever meant to be temporary. It was never part of the plan. In the third week I got the call – unfortunately they had interviewed someone else after me and given them the job – there was no second interview. 

Simon says I have to meet you.

Well that was it. No more chances. The following Wednesday I got a call from a random mobile number. It was Very Scary Lady™​. “Simon says I have to meet you. I’ve moved some things around and I have a position that you’ll be perfect for – free tomorrow to meet again?”


And, dear reader, that as they say was that. I was offered not only a job at the group I’d been longing to be a part of for 6 years, but I was going to be head of department no less, in charge of a £1.3m budget, over 300 weddings and a TEAM!

But what now?

The only problem with this plan was that was the end of the journey. With nothing to aspire towards I became stale and searching for something else to fulfil this need, I had to better myself. My mind began to wander. I was lured by a fat salary into the world of corporate hospitality and it was the worst mistake I have ever made. All because I didn’t have a plan of what I was going to do next (or in the words of Phoebe Buffet…I didn’t even have a Pla…). Here I am now, 18 months later, finally with a clear vision of how to get what I want and when it is going to happen. 

And that brings me to this – goal setting 101. If you don’t have a plan or a BIG WHY, you’ll always be searching for something. 

Need some help? Get in touch with me for a one to one. We can work out your plan and get some structures in place to get the HOW for your BIG WHY aced.

Till next time lovelies!