the time for learning and intuition is kinda coming to an end I think?

I sent a feedback form on Friday, and it was one of my first opportunities to do so because in the majority I am knee deep in sessions with in my one to one consultancy. But, as you might know if you follow me on socials I am slowly opening up my diary to different ways of working together. Friday was the last task in one of those ways.

I don’t love sending feedback forms because what if someone hated me?! But I sent it because I want to do more of these sessions, and I have to know what does and doesnt work for the future so that I can do more.

The feedback is amazing, actionable and helpful to me. I am sure that I will share more pieces in the future, but the two bits I wanted to share today were this:

This is the thing I am finding, with those that book to spend time with me and with those who I have one off conversations with in the IG DMs (my fave place to hang out), you want to be told what to do. Not in a school teacher way, in a “I’m paralysed with indecision, I’m on my own and I need someone who isn’t emotionally involved to give me permission to do this thing I’ve wanted to do but am too scared to”.

Phew that was a long sentence.

I guess what I am saying is that the time for learning and intuition is kinda coming to an end I think?

That is a semi bold statement. But if you come to me with a list of questions I will give you an answer based on the info I have; I am not the person that will say “well, what do you think? How do you feel?”. Because I believe that you didn’t ask me the question for that to be my answer.

I do caveat almost all opinion with “you need to test this in your business”, because that is also true. I can have an opinion and also not know how it will turn out for you. They are not mutually exclusive. But I have worked with and seen behind the scenes of so many businesses in the digital-service-pro arena to know what the data tells me.

I know when things have been done, are tired or aren’t worth investing money in – for instance spending on ads if your top of funnel isn’t sorted. But your top of funnel isn’t sorted because no one has really ever told you what you need to put in your top of funnel. Or I know that being told you need to have copy that converts is playing to that 5 year old in your mind who has been told she needs to be a better creative writer. (ok that one is super personal to me!).

All this to say…I’m building a revolution, but it is taking me a little bit of time. So if you want to dip your toe in, book 2 hours with me and I promise that you will leave with a renewed love for your business, a clear head and a passion that has been extinguished by mouthy gurus showing off how much money they are earning rather than how they earn it 🌶️

There is a growing army of fellow service pros and creatives who are done with the learning and are ready for the doing. Are you?

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