the thing with value vs cost

I made the hallowed trip to Costco last night. We don’t have one really close to us, but it constitutes a night out for us now so off we popped.

We always seem to time it poorly but I get all excited seeing the massive cakes and sandwich platters that I can chomp on whenever we have a house warming (2+ years after we moved in) or a Christmas party (we’re having a Boxing Day party for anyone who knows where I live consider this an invite). But alas this was a random Wednesday in October.

Costco is great for lots of things but the thing it is known for is buying in bulk I guess? I’m always shocked without fail at our final bill, but the size of the packaging and the sheer quantity of things you get is mindblowing.

NO! I do not need 1kg of Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding for £6.49 (I don’t even like STP – turns out too much of a good thing will put you off something for life; thanks to restaurant working I had STP on tap for YEARS and now can’t eat it) but you bet your ass I was tempted to buy it coz it was such a good frickin deal!

For my UK huns, 2KG OF QUALITY ST FOR £13! This is not a drill!

Ok I wont continue to hammer home the virtues of Costco to you, that isn’t the point of this email.

Without a doubt, a Costco trip is around £200 for us every time we go. That is so much more than I would spend in a supermarket. But the perceived value is so much higher. The things don’t last me longer in themselves, but I get so much more it means I don’t have to buy them as often, so as a unit they do last me longer.

My dad kept telling me I dont save any money but surely I must do over time?

Anyway anyway. I think £11 for 16 kitchen rolls is way better value for money that £4.50 for 2 in Aldi. Even if I now have 16 kitchen rolls in the garage.

Same goes for how I price myself. I know that my pricing strategy rubs against others in my space, but I price myself the way I do because I know the value my clients get. I’m building relationships here that will last way longer than the minimum 2 hours someone spends with me. I’m pricing for our future, not for a quick win.

Here are the three things I would look at to start thinking about shifting to value pricing:

  • What value are you bringing to your clients
  • What is the value of your expertise
  • What is the value of the solution you provide.

If you want to dig into this more, we can do it together – check out my current offers here.

Yes we can do payment plans if needed.

One last thing – Costco had a 4ft box of biscuits for £11. I’m basically making money.

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