The Making of Me

Today, I wanted to share a little bit about my story with you.

No, not to brag or anything – but because I believe that we all have journeys that shape us, that make us who we are. And sometimes, hearing about someone else’s journey can spark a little inspiration for our own.

I hail from Preston – yes, that little town up in Lancashire, famous more for its transport links than its charm. Despite its reputation, it’s where my roots are, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I grew up surrounded by a bunch of incredible people who, just like me, ventured away but always found their way back home. Their resilience and the influence of some strong, determined women in my life have helped shape the person I am today.

School was a breeze, but finding my calling?

That took some time. After a whirlwind of experiences during university, I finally found my groove in the world of events management, with a special fondness for weddings. Amidst the chaos and magic of someone’s special day, I learnt the ropes of customer service, sales, and most importantly, the art of creating genuine connections.

Like all good stories, mine had its fair share of plot twists – my amazing first few bosses that I learnt so much from, the colleagues I still share memes with today, and the narcissistic owner of the business I worked for in 2017 is a particular lowlight,, the pressure of maintaining authenticity in a world that thrives on marketing, and let’s not forget the good old burnout that led to me being jobless in 2017. It was a rough ride, but hey, it’s the bumps along the road that make us who we are, right?

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Today, I’m all about using my experiences to encourage other women to step into their own power. I’m on a mission to change the narrative around female leadership – because we’re not just “quite right” for the role, we ARE the role. We’re way beyond ‘just right’, we’re downright extraordinary, and it’s high time the world saw that.

As for what’s next on my journey? There’s a lot to look forward to. I’m focused on personal growth and healing, especially from the work-related trauma of five years ago that I havent worked on to budge. I’m also diving into my potential diagnoses of ADHD and PDA – because understanding ourselves better is the first step towards growth, right?

I’m sharing all of this openly and honestly because I havent ever really discussed my personal life before, but it is time.

I also want to remind you, like I have myself recently, that you too can achieve amazing things. Your background, your struggles, your doubts – none of them define what you’re capable of. You’re the one who shapes your journey, learns from your experiences, and grows into the person you’re meant to be.

And if ever you feel ready to take a leap of faith on your journey, just remember: you’ve got this. You’re stronger than you think, and your journey is only just beginning. So, let’s keep believing, striving, and shining, shall we?

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