My nan has been to stay this week.

88 years only and she still rides a four-hour train from South Wales to come and see us up North every quarter. I wanted to spend loads of time with her but her visit coincided with the busiest week I’ve had in my business, and I just couldn’t get away to see her.

Last Saturday rolled around, and I was neck-deep in analysing figures for one of my long-term clients. Figures are usually something that I love to work with, but on Saturday they just weren’t gelling. I started doing the old Instagram / Facebook / Buzzfeed cycle and before I knew it 3 hours had gone past.

So you know what I did? I thought “f**k it”, downed tools and went off for tea and cake with my nan*.

And I let myself relax and let go, forgot about the figures, watched Casualty (did you see it? It was a bumper ep!) and we even got a Chinese takeaway.

On Sunday, I opened my laptop and finished my figures in record time. Being able to switch off and clear my mind meant I came at my problem with fresh eyes and could solve it without the hindrance of procrastination.

I also spoke in three groups this week about procrastination and my magical formula for beating it**.

I am a reformed procrastinator and it’s not just about time blocking and habit tracking (although they’re really ace places to start). You have to make the connection in your head about why you are procrastinating and tackle that.

Usually, the task that you have to complete (and aren’t able to) is one of three things:

  • Something you can’t see the benefit of
  • Something where the result may not be in your favour
  • Something you don’t truly believe in.

If you have one of these limiting belief already in your head before you start the task, then you are sitting staring at your laptop or a piece of paper willing for that particular task to be completed.

So how do get to the point where procrastination isn’t even possible?

Processes + Productivity.

The two go hand in hand and you have to do it your way. Following what everyone else does is a great place to start but what if nothing is working? Make your own path baby! You have to try different things, different ways of looking at situations, different ways of talking to people.

Once you know the type of learner and the type of worker that you are you can begin to create your own processes to measure you are a success, and just like that, your productivity goes up too. If you have a process and are productive, procrastination goes out of the window.

Not sure? That’s ok. But give it a go. Just for me?

Lastly, you do you, boo. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, their actions are none of your business. Keep doing what you’re doing if it works for you and watch your business grow.

Questions on any of the 3 Ps? Click here to ask me directly!

*here is a pic of the cake – rainbow layer cake with mini smarties OMFG and here is where I bought it from, if you have ever lived or worked in Preston (ha I know right why would you) you’ll know this place for sure

**it’s not a magical formula but y’know it sounds better when I say it like that.