small thinkin

I used to be someone who I would now describe as small thinking.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend in business about joining a new mastermind from a very popular online figure – I’d been approached by that person personally to join, as had my friend.

We were talking about the pros and cons and both of us came to the conclusion that we didn’t want to join because we felt that in that particular room we would be the ones who knew the most therefore wouldn’t learn anything, and would be the ones teaching all of the time.

Really, we were putting blocks in the way of our growth and development. Closing ourselves off from learning before we even got going.

I mean how arrogant could we be?

I see it all the time around me too. This isn’t right for me because I already have this tiny thing that you mentioned we will cover down to a tee. Or I don’t want to come because I already know everyone who is going to be there and I don’t need what they do.

What if we approached things with the sense of curiosity a child of 5 has? Or popped our arrogance in a pocket for when we’re dealing with someone who’s emotional growth stunted around the teenager mark?

My new mantra is nobody knows everything but everybody knows something you don’t.

Think about that – if you approached all new situations with a willingness to learn, to explore, to understand.

It will also help with any sort of imposter syndrome situations you get yourself into. Going into discovery calls and pitches with the knowledge that you know at least one thing they don’t and that one thing is why they want to work with you.

What’s your take on the mantra then? Agree, disagree – feedback welcome!

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