positively bedevilled with meetings et cetera

You know how sometimes life just gets in the way of everything? But we still have things to do? That seems to be happening to me a lot this week.

See yesterday’s blog about being busy all the frickin time.

It’s a problem of my own making because I went on holiday.

I should be here telling you that you can have it all, that you can be the Big Boss Babe that is deep inside and live the laptop lifestyle and have everything run without your input because you’re sooooo organised.

Truth is babe that just isn’t the truth…not for me anyways.

I don’t have a team, it’s just me. So, in Kefalonia when I released my birthday offer and the links just wouldnt work, it was me sat on my phone trying to see the screen in the sun and working WordPress to see why things were wrong, whilst my very patient husband sat with a frosty Mythos waiting for my attention.

Or, when all my one to one clients get pushed to the week I’m back because I have just run out of time, it’s me writing emails at 22.20 the night before it needs to go out, and it’s me scheduling them and not spell checking them.

What I am saying is I have zero wiggle room for life to happen. I am not here to tell you have the answer (I don’t) nor am I here to tell you I know things will improve (coz I don’t), or that I magically have a programme that will teach you make money whilst you’re on holiday or whatever (there’s loads of them already).

I just wanted to tell you that you’re not alone, it’s not glamorous or clever, but we all do it.

I will share with you what is working for me.

  1. Being realistic with deadlines. I said to a client today that I didnt want to give a deadline because realistically my world is incredibly busy right now, and my 1:1s are a priority but not against each other or my personal life. My honesty and upfrontedness was appreciated.
  2. Using Motion (https://www.usemotion.com/) to plan my week – I dump all of my to dos in there and they are plotted into my diary for me to work on. It also has a scheduling link to fit in meetings with my hard deadlines as my brain will push hard deadlines for clients and that can’t happen!
  3. Going back to my goals. My goals don’t include me working Fridays and evenings; however what I have decided is that I will do my ON THE BUSINESS goals during those times to free up my time in the week.
  4. Making choices on what I want to invest in moving forward. Groups aren’t working for me at the moment, so what do I need to do to change that, or who do I need to find to help me make the most of the groups I am paying for?
  5. Being honest when I am not the right person to work with. Need I say more?

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