Tuesday 21st November - Thursday 23rd November 2023
The Crow Wood Hotel & Spa

The Overnighter

No more guessing games: Let The Overnighter show you the secret sauce to business success in 2024!

Ever feel like you’re juggling a thousand balls in the air, but none of them seem to be landing where they should?

Welcome to the club, my friend. The “I’m a Female Founder Trying to Conquer the Online World” club.

We face a unique set of challenges that can make it feel like they’re constantly spinning plates on a tightrope. It’s not just you who feels overwhelmed—it’s a shared struggle.

Picture this: You wake up in the morning, ready to conquer the world with your brilliant business ideas, but instead, find yourself trapped in a labyrinth of repetitive tasks. And amidst all this chaos, your dreams of financial stability and growth start to feel more distant.

But wait, there’s a solution. The two-day event I’ve designed is all about turning that chaos into clarity and reigniting your passion for business!

The "I'm a Female Founder Trying to Conquer the Online World" Club

Dive into what sets your heart a flutter

With a stellar 2024 game plan, you’ll know precisely what needs to get done. Turn overwhelm into confidence!

Your business serves you, in harmony with what makes you, YOU.

Join me for a two-day adventure for strategic planning and execution. Together, we’ll travel the road to success, autonomy, and growth, turning dreams into reality with like-minded souls. It’s not just magic; it’s a cohesive action-ready plan for 2024, set in motion right on the spot.

Find your compass and embrace growth, stability, and passion. So grab this golden opportunity and let’s make 2024 your standout year. Can’t wait to embark on this thrilling journey with all of you.

Allow me to set the scene: Me in a bustling conference room, surrounded by industry bigwigs, all talking up a storm.

But, amid the noise, something vital was missing. Sure, the air was thick with networking and business cards were flying, but where was the meat? Where was the soul?

In a flash, it hit me. A proverbial lightbulb, if you will. What if there was an event that went beyond the superficial, one that dove deep into the very essence of what makes us tick as entrepreneurs? And just like that, The Overnighter was born. 

You see, my goal wasn’t just to create another business event. I wanted to craft a magical potion that fused strategy, implementation, fun, and a big dollop of empowerment.

Because hey, the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship shouldn’t be a solo ride.

Why "The Overnighter"?

Because I see you. I know that you crave control, that you are thirsty for achievement, that you dream of letting your strengths shine.

And goodness knows, we all need a little less stress and a little more stability. Well, buckle up, because that’s exactly where we’re heading.

But wait, there’s more! The Overnighter isn’t just a two-day think tank. It’s a sanctuary, a bustling marketplace of ideas, and a playground for like-minded women ready to elevate each other. Expect laughter, genuine connections, and the kind of support that turns a lonely hike into a joyous caravan.

So, if 2024 is calling your name, if you’re poised on the brink of something extraordinary and just need that nudge to leap, then dear friend, The Overnighter is your springboard.

Come join me, let’s embark on this quest together, and turn dreams into tangible realities.

Get ready to level up your business in just two days!

The Overnighter

Your roadmap to a killer 2024 strategy!

Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Day One: Crafting the Vision
Your Business Philosophy, Mission & Vision



Welcome coffee and pastries

Begin the day with a warm welcome and enjoy delicious pastries and fresh coffee as you mingle with fellow attendees.


Session 1


Aligning Business Philosophy with Future Goals

Explore the alignment between your personal business philosophy and your organizational goals. Understand how to channel your core beliefs into a thriving business model that stands the test of time. Outcome: Integrating your personal touch with business strategies for growth.

Session 1

Session 2


Crafting a Vision & Mission for 2024

An in-depth exploration of how to create a meaningful vision and mission that reflect your business values. Articulate what you stand for and where you want to go, establishing a strong foundation for 2024. Outcome: A resonating vision and mission tailored to your aspirations.

Session 2

Lunch Break


Savor a nourishing lunch and continue networking.

Lunch Break



Strategic Vision Implementation

 Hands-on workshop to translate your vision into a tangible, actionable plan for 2024. Work collaboratively with guidance from experts to draft a roadmap that speaks to your business’s future.

Outcome: A ready-to-implement plan for the upcoming year.


Network and Collaborate


Engage with your fellow attendees in a relaxed and open environment. Whether it’s finding a potential business partner or just making a new friend, the connections you make here could last a lifetime.

Network and Collaborate

Private Dinner


Casual evening to connect with fellow attendees 🍽️.

Private Dinner

Thursday 23rd November 2023
Day Two: Building the Strategy
Financial Planning and Finalising the Roadmap



Welcome coffee and pastries

Begin the day with a warm welcome and enjoy delicious pastries and fresh coffee as you mingle with fellow attendees.


Session 3


Setting Strategic Objectives for 2024

 Learn how to set clear, measurable objectives that align with your overall business strategy. Identify the KPIs that matter most to your growth and success. Outcome: A set of focused objectives guiding your efforts in 2024.

Session 3

Session 4


Financial Planning & Budgeting for Success

 Gain insights into effective financial planning and budgeting to support your strategic objectives. Learn how to allocate resources wisely for growth and sustainability. Outcome: A robust financial plan ready for execution in 2024.

Session 4

Lunch Break


Savor a nourishing lunch and continue networking.

Lunch Break



Creating Your Comprehensive Strategy for 2024 

This workshop is all about putting the pieces together. Collaborate, refine, and finalise your comprehensive strategy for 2024, with hands-on guidance from experts.

Outcome: A complete, cohesive strategy ready to propel you into a successful new year.


Network and Collaborate


Engage with your fellow attendees in a relaxed and open environment. Whether it’s finding a potential business partner or just making a new friend, the connections you make here could last a lifetime.

Network and Collaborate



Reflect on the learnings and connections made over the two days. Leave inspired, empowered, and ready to take action in 2024!


Embark on a journey filled with insight, inspiration, and a splash of fun!

With The Overnighter as your guide, 2024 is going to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Brace yourself for two unforgettable days of strategy planning, implementation, and rejuvenation in a luxurious spa hotel.

I've packed this event with incredible features that I know you'll love.

Two Days of Strategy Planning and Implementation

Transform uncertainty into a cohesive roadmap for success.

Gain mastery over your daily business operations and steer confidently toward your goals.

Indulge in a 5-Star Overnight Stay with Private Dinner

Revel in the elegance of a 5-star hotel and enjoy a sumptuous private dinner to reward yourself.

Rejuvenate with luxury, fostering a sense of achievement and success, ready to tackle your next big goal.

Stay Energised with All-Inclusive Refreshments

Enjoy thoughtfully selected snacks and beverages to fuel your creativity and focus.

Stay inspired and passionate without worrying about the mundane details.

Create a Tangible and Sustainable Plan for Success

Depart with a concrete plan and a process you can replicate for continued business growth.

Minimise stress and build a future you can trust, with a clear roadmap to guide you.

Unlock Financial Growth and Stability

Embrace strategies that aren’t just about short-term success but pave the way for ongoing financial growth and stability.

Stand on a solid financial foundation that allows your business to flourish and adapt to future challenges.

Experience Luxury with On-Site Spa and Leisure Facilities

Pamper yourself with access to luxurious spa treatments and leisure facilities at your fingertips.

Enhance creativity and focus through relaxation, returning to your business with renewed vigor.

But wait!
There's more


Check out these extras…

A Lasting Community Connection

From 1st October 2023 until the end of the year, keep the momentum going by staying connected with fellow attendees in an exclusive WhatsApp community. Engage, ask questions, and continue to learn and grow within this vibrant community.

Build lasting relationships and foster a support system that continues to uplift and motivate you on your business journey.

Tailored Workbooks

These specially designed workbooks will guide you through every step of The Overnighter, helping you align your business goals and plan for future success. Carefully crafted by experts, they will become your personalized blueprint for growth, filled with your insights, decisions, and strategies.

Transform your thoughts and ideas into an actionable plan that resonates with your business values and objectives.

In-Depth Slide Decks from the Presentations:

Access the knowledge and insights shared by all of the presentations through my carefully curated slide decks. These are not mere presentations but a reservoir of valuable information, industry trends, and proven strategies that you can refer back to anytime.

Equip yourself with a resource that continues to provide guidance and inspiration long after The Overnighter has ended. Whether you need a refresher on a specific topic or want to share insights with your team, these slide decks are a lasting asset.

Exclusive Access to Templates and Tools

Benefit from a range of templates, charts, and tools provided during the workshops. From financial planning sheets to vision-crafting templates, these resources are designed to make the complex simple and the overwhelming manageable.

Save time and avoid reinventing the wheel by utilizing tools that have been tried and tested for efficiency and effectiveness. They will be your go-to resources as you implement and refine your strategies.

The Overnighter, the two-day event I’ve designed with YOU in mind!

Let’s journey together into the heart of planning and execution, forging a stellar strategy for 2024. This is more than just an event; it’s an opportunity to transform both your business and your life

Working with Zoe was fabulous. A masterclass in delivering a great client experience in itself. She took the time to really understand my business and the issues I wanted help with before we got together, so we could get straight down to working our way through the issues when we met.

Friendly, thoughtful and professional Zoe was able to use her extensive knowledge, creative thinking and experience to provide clarity and structure whilst somehow instilling a greater sense of self-confidence in me.
Clare Tebbett
Clare Tebbett Marketing
Tuesday 21st November - Thursday 22nd 2023
The Crow Wood Hotel & Spa

Join me for The Overnighter

I have secured the beautiful five star Crowwood Hotel and Spa in the rolling Lancashire countryside.

Dive into two days of meticulous strategy planning and hands-on implementation, all in the serene ambiance of a top-notch spa hotel. This is where ideas transform into action plans.

 Your overnight stay includes all food and drink, offering the perfect blend of relaxation and connection with fellow go-getters. You can also take the opportunity to enjoy the spa or leisure facilities on site*.

Walk away with a tangible plan and a repeatable, sustainable strategy that’s geared for long-term growth and adaptability. This is your playbook for the future.


*spa access is to be booked directly with the hotel; leisure access is available to all guests

The Overnighter

Tailor your experience by choosing the package that suits you best

One Night

Wednesday 22nd November - Thursday 23rd November 2023
or 4 x £312.50
  • Engage in both days of insightful learning sessions, workshops, and strategy planning at a 5-star hotel.
  • Enjoy an overnight stay in luxurious surroundings, with a special private dinner tailored just for you, followed by breakfast to fuel your second day.
  • Indulge in the on-site spa* and leisure facilities, balancing work with well-deserved relaxation.
  • A perfect blend of education and indulgence, leaving you rejuvenated and armed with a clear strategy for 2024.

Two Nights

Tuesday 21st November - Thursday 23rd November 2023
or 4 x £400
  • Arrive the night before the event, settling into the tranquil ambiance of the 5-star hotel.
  • Immerse yourself in both days of The Overnighter's comprehensive program, punctuated by fine dining experiences and luxurious overnight stays.
  • Delight in extended access to the spa* and leisure facilities, allowing for a deeper connection to your goals and a chance to truly unwind.
  • A holistic experience that encourages relaxation, focus, and strategic insight, providing the perfect setting for creativity, confidence, and connections as you embark on an extraordinary 2024.

*spa facilities are bookable directly with the hotel at an additional fee

Choose the package that aligns with your desired level of relaxation and preparation, and I’ll take care of the rest.

It’s not just an event; it’s a tailored experience designed to propel you forward with clarity, vigor, and a lasting sense of achievement.

Where exactly is this being held?

The beautiful Crow Wood Hotel & Spa just outside of Burnley in Lancashire and 2 minutes from the M65 motorway.

The nearest train station is Burnley. (1 mile).
The nearest airport is Leeds Bradford (35 miles).

If you plan to travel by train or by plane, I will ensure you are transported to the venue from the nearest train station or airport.


Crow Wood Hotel & Spa Resort, Holme Rd,  Burnley BB12 0RT


Hi, I'm Zoë

I’m passionate about empowering business owners, to unlock their full potential through strategic planning and tech-savvy solutions. With a BA Hons in event management, my professional journey has taken me from overseeing a £3 million budget wedding venue to managing multi-million-pound launches for an online consulting business.

My experience is not confined to numbers and strategies; it’s about real-world success and tangible growth. Whether it was the £4 million annual turnover I helped achieve or the 185 weddings annually I coordinated, I’ve honed a keen eye for detail and innovative problem-solving.

But I’m not all business. My creativity spills over into hobbies like sewing and culinary arts, infusing my approach with unique and out-of-the-box thinking. Located in the UK but not limited by geography, my mission resonates with those who are exceptional in their field but need a clear roadmap to success.

Don’t let these incredible opportunities slip through your fingers. Don’t let another year pass without reaching your potential. Take decisive action now, join The Overnighter, and set yourself on a powerful path to make 2024 not just a good year but an extraordinary one.

I’m here, I’m committed, and I can’t wait to see you there. Let’s forge your success together!


Got Qs >> I got As

The Overnighter is a two-day intensive workshop specifically designed for female business owners. It offers a blend of strategic planning, hands-on implementation, networking, relaxation, and empowerment. Held in a luxurious spa hotel, the event provides tools, insights, and support to help you take control of your business and set the stage for success in 2024.

The Overnighter offers focused guidance tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by female founders. From strategic planning to growth strategies, networking opportunities, and personal development, you’ll gain insights and tools to strengthen your business foundations, scale, and create sustainable success.

Expect to leave with a tangible plan for 2024, insights on growth and scaling, enhanced networking connections, boosted confidence, practical tools for managing your daily operations, and a sense of community and support.

Yes, both options include a four month payment plan at no additional cost to you.

Yes, the room is accessible by lift and dietary requirements will also be caterered for. On booking, you will receive a link to give me any and all needs you have and would like catering for.

Zoë has literally reignited my love for my business again, just by simply giving me some pointers and advice on how I can move my business forward, promote my services and get myself out there and seen my ideal clients.

I'm at a point in my business where I'm expanding on my audience and my ideal client is changing - and that's tough after 9 years! But I love how Zoë's mind works and how she thinks, so her input was so helpful, and I couldn't wait to start writing my ideas down and start putting them into action.

Zoë helps you see things you can't, so if you feel like you're stuck - work with Zoë. You won't regret it!
Katrina Fouracre
Founder, Cariad Creative
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