not gonna be cool about it

I think given my background, some people are often surprised about my drive to work one to one with people – read into that what you will. I go through this kind of internal rollercoaster with it all it goes

  1. oh no this isn’t going to work
  2. hmm. that’s an interesting reaction
  3. shit they’ve already thought of this
  4. oh actually they have taken on board what I have said
  5. oooo that’s such a big step!
  6. OMG That win!
  7. oh crap i need to pack this in
  8. actually maybe this is having an effect?
  9. 😩 i can’t believe our time together is over!

All this to say, I need to constantly remind myself that this work T A K E S T I M E. Wins aren’t quick and growth isn’t either.

But working one to one with my select group of clients is just sublime.

me after a really good one to one sesh

You know harder, better, faster, stronger? That’s the mantra of working with me one to one.

Month one: Harder

You won’t like me. You’ll probably actively dislike me. I’ll question everything; you’ll question me questioning everything. I’ll ask you to do things you won’t want to because if you know anything about me I am all about the data and that’s where we start. The data. And if you don’t know the data, I’m going to make you get the data, and you won’t want to do it because a) it’s boring, and b) you won’t think you’re moving forward. You are, but it’s like your jump off point rather than your landing spot.

Month two: Better

In month two, you’ll start to tell me the things I asked you in month one. You will think that these original ideas are ones that have always been buried in your head, when actually I have poked your brain in places you didn’t want to be poked and from those pokes new ideas have grown which your conscious mind presents to you as brand new information in a way that you can get on board with. You start thinking in new possibilities rather than I can’t do that becauses, and you’re glowing whilst growing in this new space you have created

Month three: Faster

Using the evidence you gathered in month one you can make informed decisions about where you want your business to grow. You’re making informed, considered decisions quicker than you ever have before. The questions you have are nuanced and specific, and ones that will always move your business forward. You’re also getting busier with client work which then makes your time more precious, and your quick thinking is going to be serving you well.

Month four: Stronger

Potentially the last month of working together, you turn up to our meetings with lists of things you want a sense check on, and celebrations of the ways that money is coming to you and your world. Your clients are having unprecedented success through the growth you and the business have experienced, and that is spurring you on to repackage what you offer and earn more money in the process.

Maybe Daft Punk had it right all along.

All this to say I love my one to one clients, even when they freak out and don’t want to work with me anymore because I know that means that they have uncovered something they didn’t like, and are having to work on it. As with everything in the coaching / consulting / mentoring world – it ain’t ever about me. Apart from the rare occasions it is about me and then we have a different discussion.

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