But…I am visible!

One of the first things I do when I get approached to work with a new customer is to check them out on social media. It’s easy and it’s at my fingertips, and it is a really good benchmark to find out what they are presenting to the wider world and their potential customers. Some are posting once a month, others three times a day – there is no right and wrong as long as they are consistent and their ideal customers aren’t looking for more from them.

However, posting on Instagram and Facebook every few days, sitting back and waiting for the bookings to roll in isn’t gonna cut it. Visibility is so much more than that and unless you are covering all areas, when we work together that is the first thing that I’ll be asking you to figure out!

Social Media

Do you have your social media planned out? How long ahead? My usual way of working is something I learnt from Inge Hunter, an Instagram expert who I have been following for a while. She just knows her stuff. The method is to have a bank of topics that you talk about (around 10-15) and pepper them with days of the week posts thrown in too. By planning this way, you have prompts so that you never have to “have a think about what to post”.

Change it up every month, in line with your overarching strategy, and there you have a social media plan without scrabbling round every day for engaging and interesting content. It’s far more important to be consistent than thought-provoking, but if you can be both then that’s the wonderstuff right there!

Online presence

Ok, so moving on from social media how about your wider online presence? How does your website hold up – do you blog regularly for instance? How about information to give your customers a rounded view of who you are and what you do?


I recently put out a call on LinkedIn for business coaches so that I could venture out of my current circle. I felt like I was just seeing the same information from people who coach with each other and I wanted to explore what was out there in the big wide world.

But the people that replied to me just had a title on Linked In – no social media, no website. Anyone can say that they do what they want to do on Linked In but where is the social proof, the reviews and the solid foundations to back it all up? I’m sure if I reached out and asked I would have been given an abundance of proof, but I’m lazy and I want it all at my fingertips. Think of your customers like this – make it easy for them to see that you are the only option.

Putting the U in bUsiness (Ok, a
stretch – stick with me)…

No matter what your business is,
more than ever at the moment customers want to buy from people. They want to spend
money with individuals not with corporations. The want to know how the PERSON
behind the BUSINESS will be working with them because essentially the business
is just a name, the person is the one making it happen. So really be truly
honest – how often do you put yourself front and centre in your business. You
want to be the person that gives a customer their favourite coffee every time
the visit your virtual cafe, so when they are ready to buy a coffee, you are
the only person that they visit. You get me?

Stick to the plan!

The main point of everything is that you have a plan and stick to it. All plans should start with your visibility and if you have seen a drop in sales, a change in enquiries or just tumbleweed – 9/10 it will be because you just aren’t being visible enough. And the best thing is that the majority of the time if you need to up your visibility you can do it for free!

Want to work on this? Book a focus call to get clear on what you need to do!