If I am asked about anything consistently it’s how to increase enquiries. I am going to go deep into the topic. More specifically, how to make sure you are maximising all opportunities to make sure enquiries are coming into the business.

You cannot be everything to everyone out there

Enquiries from your ideal client

Firstly, have you identified your ideal client? You cannot be everything to everyone out there. Your business needs need to niche to the exact person that you want to work with. You can then concentrate all other efforts into funnelling that client to the business.

It makes so much sense to focus on quality of bookings over quantity. It is more beneficial to have five clients worth £20,000 than 20 clients worth £5,000. Yes, ultimately, they will bring you the same amount of revenue. However, you will have the opportunity to concentrate on those 5 clients in huge detail, rather than chasing around after twenty clients who are lower in value..

Identify, market to and concentrate on your ideal client. You will be able to raise the quality and revenue of individual bookings, and give clients the quality attention they deserve.

Show up, consistently, and with purpose


Consider the decisions you make whenever you make a purchase. Very few are impulse buys. There is a reason that trends happen and items become the new must have thing of the moment. This is because you begin to see that item or brand everywhere you look. It takes several of these touch points (around 21 for big ticket investments) for a consumer to make a decision to make a purchase. This article gives a fantastic breakdown of the customer journey. In brief, touchpoints can consist of low engagements and high engagements. Low include social media posts or an advert in a magazine. High engagements include a personalised email or a telephone call.

There is a reason why I advise all of my clients to pick up the phone to every single enquiry that they get and that is because no one else is doing it! Trust me, I have researched with businesses all over the country with mystery shop visits and enquiries. Not one of them has ever called me. If one of them had, they would immediately have jumped to the top of my list!

In terms of social media, video is king. Linking back to the ideal client, identify where your ideal clients are spending time and get speaking to them directly. Go live on each platform and record videos to speak to them. In a world with little human interaction, making sure you or are consistently showing your face and chatting to your clients because people buy from people. They will already be wanting to meet you before they need you!

In short – show up, consistently and with purpose.

Build a reputation for excellence by industry friends and clients will follow!


A great way to increase visibility and be known to your ideal clients in order to increase your enquiries is to network with other businesses in the industry who also work with these ideal clients.

Whether it is at local or national events, by building your reputation, make sure you are getting both the business and your names out into the wider world. Build a reputation for excellence by industry friends and clients will follow!

…work with suppliers that have the same values and goals as you


The subject of recommended suppliers is one that I am asked about most. In the research I have done, none of the businesses that I have spoken to had a commission system in place for their recommended suppliers list. I would say this is broadly true across the country.

Work with suppliers that have the same values and goals as you. There is a reason that you see the same pockets of suppliers working together on different projects and that is because they all attract the same calibre of clientele. Think back over the past year as to which suppliers have made your business look amazing and more importantly have been a dream to work with. Approach them to collaborate. Build a relationship to make sure that your business is the one that they recommend time and time again.

Shout about your success!

Reviews and Recommendations

Shout about your success! Word of mouth is absolutely the strongest tool you have in your marketing strategy. Share snippets on social media, your website, your brochure – anywhere you can!

I hope that these tips to foster wedding venue enquiries will help you this January. If you want to chat, feel free to drop me a note on hello@zoedew.com, or find me on social media– Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.