how am I only just having this realisation

I clicked send on an enquiry last night that could change my business forever.

No, I’m not being dramatic (I am prone to that sometimes).

It’s weird you know, I share somethings with you here and somethings on my Instagram and most of the time the two things don’t meet!

I should have asked here for branding recommendations; but I didn’t doh. Thing is I don’t really want or need a full rebrand, I need a refresh and someone with designery eyes to bring everything together. And that I don’t think would be a huge job for a designer, so I’ve been scared to approach anyone I like the look of.

Anyway a few weeks ago I quietly followed some designers on Instagram to feel out their vibe, then yesterday quite late on one of them shared a brand that I fell in love with and that was it, I hit enquire.

She replied almost instantly and we’re talking today at 2.30pm.

For me, that’s how my personal customer journey goes a lot of the time. I’ll consume and consume and never communicate and then BAM! I want to spend money with you. I’d class myself as a silent shopper.

Some of my clients are like this. Bethan who I had a 1:1 with yesterday was like this, so no one was more surprised than me when she popped into my inbox as a booking!

Vicky, another 1:1 client was a bit like this too. Actually now I’m writing this, most of my 1:1 clients have been like this! Tina, Hazel you both were like this too – how am I only just having this realisation?!

OH AND YESTERDAY! Amy told me that Jane had been shouting about my emails at an event in Northern Ireland? WTF – what is this life? HI JANE! HI AMY!

ok back to the point Zo.

The point is, sometimes we have days where no one is talking to us, and our attention seeking selves was to provoke a response.

For some who I wont give any attention to, that means making outlandish claims or almost slanderous statements to get that ping! ping! ping! of a comment reply on their Facebook thread.

For me, I like to get in my “top tip” zone on Instagram so I can start conversations with those who it resonates with.

However, this email right now is telling me the people who want to spend money with you will probably never speak to you before hand – but trust me they’re the ones that you are going to have the most fun with.

So, if you are a lurker on here H E L L O! I see you, and I’m here and ready for when YOU are ready to chat.

OH and back to the point – why will it possibly change my business forever? I have to nail down what I do, who I serve and what I want to get out of the biz. That’s scary. But I’ll take you on the journey with me, I promise 💜

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