Happy New Year? My 2023 Words and Intentions

Welcome to 2023..looks a lot like 2022 right now (leggings, sweashirt, duvet on the sofa etc etc etc). My new year’s eve was a bit weird really, my husband (F**king Ben, I’ll explain another time) for approximately the third time in the 10 years that we have been together was sick…so I went out for a meal with me parents – which was a bit weird. Speaking to my dad today he thinks it is 34 years since we last did that – it can’t be right but maybe it is? 

It’s four years since 2019 and to be honest I am finding that completely unfathomable. How long will this weird timey wimey feeling last? Three years ago we knew nothing of what was to come, I was still self employed, I only had one niece, we lived in a different house…all very strange. 

I have done the wanky thing and chosen a word for the year, but thought I could keep a record of previous words as I always forget.

2021 – Connection. I think this was achieved somewhat – but it was better realised in 2022 for sure.

2022 – Selfish. I succeeded in being more selfish but I still think I could do better, so again I will carry that into 2023 with me. 

My word for 2023? INTENT. I want to care more. I want to have more passion, more interest and more intention. So any action I take, I want to approach it with the intention of growth, love or passion, and things that stunt me energetically I want to leave in 2022. That includes people, places, companies that make me feel less. I always want to be more, and 2023 is a great place to start. 

I’ve also made some promises to myself for this year. FB and I sat down on Thursday and did the Year Compass, and whilst I wont share most of it I committed to the following: 
🦄 my health
🦄 our wealth
🦄 to live life creatively. 

My health has to start taking a front seat, and that starts from within. Fill me up with veggies and water hopefully? Just got to take it one step at a time. 

Our wealth is trickier as we currently own 2 houses, and need one to go! It’s in the final throws of being sold, so I hope that will be a quick one to change. 

To live life creatively starts with this post! I feel there there is a lot of writing in me, so I have slightly changed my thinking around emailing every day. I am going to write every day, but not every day will be an email. I have revived my blog, and will be sharing snippets when I do write every day and it’ll be a Smörgåsbord of things – recipes, sewing, stories and creative writing. 

I’m doing this for me, but I know from experience it has to be public because otherwise I don’t have that accountability piece to keep me going when the dopamine runs out!

If you follow me on Instagram, think that – but in longer form content.

Anyway. That’s it really for today. Oh! Why notes from the village? Because I think this is where my novel will be set, and there are som weird things that happen here – what better place to document in these emails? 

Did you pick a word? Or is it totally wanky? 

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