This community will fundamentally change the way you run your business

Get ready to craft and execute a focused 30-day business growth plan that positions you for a 25% productivity leap

Scale without the burnout, build space for innovation and creativity, and achieve your goals whilst being uplifted by your fellow business owners.

Strategic business growth without the overwork

I am taking everything you think you want from an online community and chucking it in the bin.

You don’t need to learn anything new, you just need the space to put what you have already learned into practice. 

There is no secret sauce or magic key.

The only person standing in the way of your business growth is you.

You aren’t alone; and there is already a community of other people who are right where you are, wanting to create action and ease.

Join the D.E.W Community to boost your business productivity by 25% in 30 days, without the burnout.

I have created space over 250,000 minutes of productivity since September 2023

I created an informal community to support my own business growth plans, as I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to create that space for myself without that accountability that doing things with others brings. 

Because I had to show up for this community, big changes started to happen not just in my business but for those that chose to join me on this first, informal run. 

In holding the space and keeping others accountable, they have been able to achieve things they didn’t think possible before, like monetising their YouTube channel, appearing on their first podcasts and launching brand new programmes that didn’t even exist before this space. 

Multi six figure business owners aren't investing in more knowledge.

There is nothing new for them to learn.

They aren’t getting in their heads about how to create the next new thing.

They aren’t lamenting having no time to strategically plan their business growth.

They are taking action.

The Do the Effing Work Community
will help you take
action in your business

I have created a community that my clients love being a part of AND achieve growth whilst being there.

There are no trainings or modules for you to work through – the focus here is on real time co-creation, co-working and collaborating to bring you business growth with ease. 

The only online community focused on strategically creating and executing your own business growth plan within the first 30 days

Is this you?

You have hit 'buy' on many courses for skills you thought you lacked

You feel like "just one more morsel" another courses can help you find that missing piece or magic key that is just out of reach.

You want to hit multi six or even seven figures without working every hour

You see these multi-preneurs hitting revenue goals left right and centre with seemingly no help, and feel like you have to work 60-70 hours a week to even come close

You are kinda done with the £5-10k month narrative​

Money is great but you know that having hit (or nearly) hit those financial highs before, there are other more worthwhile aims for your business than making £1m in a day.

You are sick of the cyclical burnout of striving for the next goal (and the one after that and the one after that)

You hit a goal and it just never quite enough, or doesn't feel like you thought it would, so you keep pushing those goals upwards in the hope of feeling something.(anything).

I think you're going to like it here

Here is what you can expect from being a founding member of Do the Effing Work


We will hold the space for you to spend at least 500 minutes a week working on your business.


We will give you the tools to create your own strategy and then help you hone it to be the perfect route to success for you


We will make sure you are not distracted by actions that aren't dedicated to your business growth


We will bring together the brightest minds to make sure there is both perspective and balance in all we co-create


We will hold you accountable to the milestones on your own path


We will focus your mind on the tasks that are going to turn your hours into outcomes​


£44Per Month
£444Per Month

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Client wins from the community

Biggest win for October has got to be hiring my first “employee” to help out with clients - before that I was drowning and had no time for working on the business, let alone 100 minutes spare.

But I wouldn’t have made the decision to do so without using my co work time! And now can focus on building my own client base back up in a more manageable way.
Dog Walker
Eeeek! I passed! I wouldn’t have done this course or considered this modality without the nudge as being part of this group and now a deeper service to offer clients and a new income stream! 🙌🏼​
Wellness Practitioner
I am showing up in and for my business so much more than before this group started. Such a great group of people all supporting each other along the way. You're all keeping me going so thank you for that.​
Yoga Teacher
Everyone is so caring and kind, such a lovely group​
Mid Life Business Coach
I loved the co-working session. It really made me focus. I've done my content for my group for the rest of the week.​
Confidence and Well Being Coach
I'm so happy with the massive progress in one day, plus a bit knackered now!​
Systems Strategist