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Conquer Your Market: A Treasure Map to Strategic Pricing

No More Pricing Puzzles: The Ultimate Workshop for Service Providers

Conquer Your Market Workshop

Sick of walking a tightrope?

Ever felt like you’re juggling your love for service with the need for financial stability? You’re not alone. Many  service providers grapple with this. They’re passionate about their work but hit a wall when it comes to pricing. This uncertainty not only muddles their pricing strategy but also makes their revenue goals seem like a mirage.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster. One minute, you’re on cloud nine, delivering top-notch service. The next, you’re plummeting into a pit of pricing anxiety, questioning your worth and eyeing your competitors’ seemingly perfect pricing. It’s like being at a potluck where everyone else’s dish looks better and is priced just right, leaving you second-guessing your own.

This pricing chaos does more than just hinder your financial growth; it saps your confidence and stunts your business. Instead of innovating and expanding, you’re stuck in a loop of stress and self-doubt, sailing a rudderless ship in a sea of uncertainty.

Imagine being able to pinpoint your perfect price point, the one that has your dream revenue written all over it.

Now, imagine doing that while sipping your favourite cup of tea, comfortably lounging in your PJs. Sounds too good to be true?

Welcome to my 2-hour virtual workshop, designed to teach you exactly that! It’s like a treasure map, but instead of X marks the spot, it’s £ marks the dream.

This workshop isn’t about baffling you with business jargon or number-crunching nightmares. It’s about taking a deep dive into your value, understanding your worth, and translating that into a pricing strategy that works for you.

So, forget the days of underpricing, overworking, and overthinking. Let’s turn that dream annual revenue into your reality, one fun-filled, value-packed workshop at a time!


I’m Zoë, your friendly neighbourhood consultant,

I noticed a trend among talented service providers: they were underselling themselves. It was like using a diamond to hold down papers—such a waste!

That’s why I created “Conquer Your Market: A Treasure Map to Strategic Pricing.” It’s not just a guide; it’s a game plan to help you hit your revenue goals. I’ve poured in research, expert advice, and a dash of fun to make this a transformative experience.

The results? People are going from hesitant pricing to owning their worth. So, if you’re ready to level up your pricing game, let’s embark on this adventure. It’ll be challenging but rewarding. Let’s show the world what we’re really worth!

Hit your pricing goals

Establish Value Based Pricing

Learn how to establish prices that reflect the true value of your services rather than just the time spent.

Confidence in Rates

Gain confidence in your rates and stop undercharging for your valuable services.

Competitive Pricing Strategy

Develop a competitive pricing strategy that doesn’t compromise your quality of service.

Price Communication

Communicate your prices effectively, demonstrating the value and transformation you bring. 

Pricing for Expansion

Determine a pricing structure that supports your business growth as you expand. 

Starting Right

Set the right prices from the start, ensuring a healthy income and a sustainable business model.

Conquer Your Market Workshop

Here is what to expect

A 2 Hour Virtual Workshop

Get ready for an immersive, interactive experience that will revolutionise your pricing approach. The workshop is designed to be engaging and impactful, delivering practical insights in just 2 hours.

You'll walk away with a clear, actionable pricing strategy, empowering you to confidently price your services and drive your dream annual revenue.

An Extensive Accompanying Workbook

The workbook acts as your personal GPS, guiding you through the complex terrain of strategic pricing. It's jam-packed with exercises, tips, and real-world case studies to make your learning journey enjoyable and fruitful.

Through completing the workbook, you'll gain a concrete understanding of your value proposition and how to translate it into a pricing strategy that attracts your ideal clients and propels you towards your revenue goals.

Brilliant Bonuses

Let’s make your strategic pricing journey even better.

All purchases receive a captioned, edited version of the workshop along with an edited transcript too. 

Here are your bonuses:

Quick & Dirty Market Research Guide

Introducing the “Quick & Dirty Market Research Guide,” your fast-track to understanding your market like never before! 

Why spend hours lost in data when you can get the essentials in a fraction of the time? This guide will help you identify your ideal clients, understand your competitors, and gauge market demand, all while giving you actionable steps to implement today.

Don’t let the complexities of market research hold you back. Start making informed pricing decisions that will elevate your business to new heights!

Access: Immediately

Enhanced Base Rate Buddy

Meet the enhanced Base Rate Buddy, featuring Strategy Calculators tailored to your business needs!

This isn’t just a one-trick pony; it’s your comprehensive toolkit for mastering the art of pricing.

Starting with your base rate, this upgraded buddy guides you through various pricing strategies like Cost-Plus, Value-Based, and Dynamic Pricing, to name a few. And the best part?

I’m committed to your growth, so you’ll even receive future updates that introduce even more strategies and fine-tune existing ones.

Access: 1st November 2023

Price Like a Pro

Introducing “Price Like a Pro,” the eBook that turns pricing from a guessing game into a strategic masterpiece. Dive into a treasure trove of insights, tips, and real-world examples that empower you to set prices that not only cover your costs but also reflect the true value you bring to the table.

From understanding your market to leveraging psychological pricing techniques, this eBook is your go-to guide for all things pricing. Say goodbye to undercharging and hello to profits that match your expertise.

Unlock the secrets to pricing like a pro and watch your business soar!

Access: 1st November 2023

Join the Conquer Your Market Workshop today!

Take Control of Your Pricing

Don’t let your business journey be a treasure hunt without a map. Secure your spot today and set sail towards strategic pricing success!

Conquer Your Market Workshop

  • Tuesday 31st October 2023
  • 10am UK Local Time
  • On Zoom
  • Workbook
  • Bonus 1: Quick & Dirty Market Research Guide
  • Bonus 2: Enhanced Base Rate Buddy
  • Bonus 3: Price Like a Pro eBook
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Ever wondered how many opportunities you're missing out on by not having a strategic pricing plan?

By joining this Conquer Your Market Workshop, you’ll uncover:

  1. Confidence in Your Position: Discover your unique market position and stand out from the crowd.
  2. Knowledge of Your Base Rate: Understand your worth and how to translate this into a profitable base rate.
  3. Strategic Product Pricing: Learn how to apply your base rate to each product for maximum returns.
  4. Year-on-Year Growth: Unveil the secrets of consistent annual revenue increases.
  5. Power of Strategic Pricing: Empower yourself with a pricing strategy that brings your dream revenue within reach.

Don't let the fear of pricing hold you back from your true potential.

Invest in your success today and watch as the doors of opportunity swing wide open.

It's time to seize the day and make your dream revenue a reality - because you're worth it and your business deserves it!

Hi, I'm Zoë

I’m passionate about empowering business owners, to unlock their full potential through strategic planning and tech-savvy solutions. With a BA Hons in event management, my professional journey has taken me from overseeing a £3 million budget wedding venue to managing multi-million-pound launches for an online consulting business.

My experience is not confined to numbers and strategies; it’s about real-world success and tangible growth. Whether it was the £4 million annual turnover I helped achieve or the 185 weddings annually I coordinated, I’ve honed a keen eye for detail and innovative problem-solving.

But I’m not all business. My creativity spills over into hobbies like sewing and culinary arts, infusing my approach with unique and out-of-the-box thinking. Located in the UK but not limited by geography, my mission resonates with those who are exceptional in their field but need a clear roadmap to success.

My philosophy is founded on the belief that meaningful change occurs when we are unafraid to embrace a different path. For much of my life, I was encouraged to conform and to fear divergence from the norm.

I learned, however, that conformity often leads to stagnation rather than safety. Today, I champion the courage to be different and the wisdom to seek innovative solutions. I believe that by fostering a culture of openness, authenticity, and bold action, we can transform the online industry into a space that encourages creativity, collaboration, and positive growth.

Together, we can inspire others to overcome their fears, act with integrity, and make lasting changes that benefit us all.