committed but not finished

I am taking Kim Raine’s ADHD Practitioner certification at the moment and learning every day about our brains, how they are built and how they work and our hormones and our functioning level – and I don’t just mean in a neurodiverse way, I mean in a human physiology way.

In week two I learnt something that I had been doing wrong for a little while and rectified it pretty quickly (and will continue to act in the same way).

When I work with 1:1 clients I’m quite big on setting tasks and turns out those tasks and goals I was setting were waaaay too big for even my neurotypical clients. This was leading to frustration that they “hadn’t done enough” or “weren’t getting anywhere”. Remember this email? Yeah, all of that.

So anyway I learnt that the goals should be big, huge, dreamy – but the tasks to get there should be small. Have hundreds of tasks. Because who doesn’t love ticking something off their to-do list?

We have to do this, with vary levels of requirement to make sure that we are getting the dopamine hits our brain so craves. As I have said before, ideation is where the happiness is, but doing the damn work is where the money is.

So here’s a gift for you- my necessities matrix. Full disclosure: this PDF was made in 2019, my branding was very different and you’ll recognise me in it – but spending 3 hours re jigging a perfectly find PDF just wasn’t on my to do list today, or any day in fact till I have a team and even then I would have to seriously think about it.

The most important thing that I want you to know today? Starting something doesn’t mean you have to finish it today. How freeing is that thought? You can just take a step towards that finish line.

Hope it helps

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