Welcome to the week BB! How was your weekend? We chilled really. My dad (and mum but it was my dad that did this) invited us over for dinner on Sunday which was really lush, but the way he invited me was really weird.

My parents, for context, live almost in view of our house. That’s not me being funny or blase, if there wasn’t a corner in the way if I stood in my back bedroom or bathroom I’d be able to see their garden. Garden being the operative word – we stopped in on Friday to grab the hedge trimmer from them that my dad had only just taken back, and whilst we were there my dad did this weird invite thing.

He was sat down in the kitchen, and then without word got up and went to dig into the fridge. Looking at him, I wondered what on earth he was doing – we had already declined a drink or anything to eat.

He found what he was looking for – a beautiful joint of beef. He held it towards me saying “Sunday”. It wasn’t a question, just a statement I guess? Let’s be fair it wasn’t even a statement it was just a word! To me it just felt like he was proud of the piece of beef that he was going to eat on Sunday 🤣.

The conversation carried on. I said we needed to go (I had 2 in person days last week and I was shattered as a result), and Mum said “oh no wait, what time will you be here on Sunday?”.

Eh? What you talking about Jane Dew?

Turns out dad picking up a piece of beef and thrusting it towards me and saying “Sunday” when he meant “Sunday?” was an invite to go for Sunday roast. In his head, he had done what he needed to do to get across what he meant.

Luckily my mum was there to translate, but in the online space we often aren’t that lucky.

Take for instance when I shared that I had a 1:1 space available for £3,200. I didn’t explain

  • How long that was for
  • What the payment looked like (Heather put me right on that one – it was in total not per month!)
  • What the details were at all – how many calls, how often, any in person stuff

I just assumed everyone knew. Or that had been super vocal about it elsewhere (I hadn’t).

So this is just another reminder if you need it that no one knows what you do, nor does anyone care really. You’re doing not just yourself but all of your audience and heck even your clients a disservice by not consistently showing up and telling them what you do, how you do it and how they can get in are the action.

Here is a quick check list of the minimum pieces of information that should be on every thing you sell. This comes from my recent experience with a course I really want to do but they’re making it super hard for me to get the info I need!

  • Date – when is this thing happening? If it is evergreen, be sure to tell them that it is self study and available for a set amount of time if appropriate.
  • Location – where is it taking place? In person or virtually? How often? What platform?
  • Community – is there one? Where is it held? Will I miss out from not being on that platform? What can I expect from the community?
  • Quick jumps – tiny technical but for those red personality types they want the main info and they want it now – how can you communicate that to the person reading?
  • Price – please include the price. Please. Always.

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