“I knew that your skill set was exactly what I needed to whip me into shape in the areas I’m struggling. I’d been impressed by what I’d seen on Insta, your testimonials and the way you obviously go the extra mile. I wanted to get a system in place to help chart availability and stop me from getting burnt out again but systems and processes felt scary and impenetrable. I now feel looked after, empowered and like I was going to make serious progress in being more methodical and less chaotic!

Finally, you’ve got exactly the right balance of ‘don’t be scared, I’m on your team’ and ‘I may have to bash you with a stick’ in terms of your attitude. You clearly know your stuff, you’re extremely friendly (and a hoot, to boot), and you don’t overwhelm or patronise those of us for whom systems and processes don’t come naturally at all! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, and will definitely be seeking out your services again in the future as my business grows. Thank you!”