Hello, I'm Zoë Dew. I’m a business growth expert, a high achiever, a trailblazer for individuals in business, and a passionate advocate for shattering the "never quite right" myth.

Born and raised in Preston, Lancashire, my journey started in a world that was not vibrant or thrilling, but it was home. My family remains my stronghold, my parents, brother, and friends all living within a five-mile radius, our bonds stronger than ever.

As a high achiever in school, I found my footing in the world of business through a series of trials and triumphs. I experienced failure at Loughborough University, yet found my passion and success at the University of Central Lancashire, earning a 2:1 in Event Management while working full-time in the restaurant industry.

For over ten years, I immersed myself in the hospitality industry, particularly in wedding coordination. I pushed my boundaries, working relentlessly to become the top wedding coordinator at Lancashire’s busiest venue.

While there, I managed a £3 million budget, coordinated 185 high-end weddings in a single year, and honed my skills at establishing personal connections and delivering exceptional results.

My entrepreneurial journey is heavily influenced by my family – my father, a hardworking individual who climbed up the financial ladder to become a managing director of several companies, and my brother, a risk-taker running his successful video production company. Their influence helped me gain the courage to establish my own venture.

My business was born from these experiences. I have taken my father’s entrepreneurial spirit, my mother’s joy for work, my brother’s risk-taking mindset, and my feminist ethos and channelled them into my mission: to empower women in business to become CEOs.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learnt to navigate the darker side of the business world, the gaslighting, the overwork, and the betrayals of trust. These experiences have shaped my values and approach to consulting. I am about nurturing a safe space for underrepresented groups to grow and succeed.

Today, I help businesses achieve sustainable, consistent success.

I've been instrumental in building businesses, generating over £15 million in sales in the last five years.

I use my knowledge and experience to help women and non-binary folk transition from owner-managers into leaders.

I believe in creating a legacy and an impact, and I’m here to help you create yours.

My Core values


I champion honest, transparent communication.


I fuel the rise of underrepresented founders.


I turn setbacks into springboards.


I embrace diversity, valuing every voice.


I strive for lasting success, not quick wins.

Whether you're looking to grow your business, streamline your processes, or step up as a leader, I'm here to guide you through that journey.

Together, we'll debunk the myths and rewrite the rules of success.

What I Believe

As an advocate for change in the entrepreneurial landscape, these are the principles that guide my work:

How Can I help you?


illustration showing 3 people holding cogs to demonstrate automation

Let’s look at everything your business does and make it work harder for you. My automation knowledge is unparalleled and I will find ways for your systems to talk that you haven’t considered before.


illustration showing one person sitting on a large magnet drawing others to them to demonstrate delegation

You’ve acheived great things as a company of one but now it is time to expand and grow. We’ll work out where your time is best spent, and find the people you need to support you. 


illustration showing two people consuming social media with thumbs up and heart icons to show generating an audience

Once the automations and team are in place, we can concentrate on your future plans. Tangible scaling with a solid step by step route to get there with support along the way.