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Hi, I’m Zo. I am a business coach and consultant.

My whole existence is focused on teaching creatively minded business owners that they CAN do tech, and then building that confidence through accountability and strategy to drive you forward.

No fluff, you can have all of the knowledge I have, without the time spent finding it out.

The number one statement my clients say to me is "I don't do tech"; well I'm here to prove you wrong and show you jut how good you are.

You're a badass who deserves to know it

What is your biggest headache when it comes to the back end of your business? I would love to know.
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“I was looking for a clear strategy to analyse the year I've had and how to move forward for 2020 and beyond.

After working with Zoë I feel prouder of the work I've already achieved and I feel more prepped to work on the things to make me better.

I've also learned I need to enjoy the ride more as opposed to being at that 'end destination' (whatever that even is) now! After our session my mind was buzzing - to be completely honest, on the journey home I just sat processing which is something really rare for me as I’m usually go go go so it was really great to have time to reflect and challenge some of my thoughts and beliefs.

My attitude towards myself and my happiness towards the future of The Wedding Help have improved so much since I spent the day with Zoë.

The most valuable thing I learnt from working together was how to plan where and how I'm going to meet my goals, to take note of where I am right now and to really think about the decisions I make and how they affect both me and the business.

Jessica Sharpe, The Wedding Help

It's hard creating a business in the online space. There are so many tools that are meant to help you be efficient and it's really hard to know where to start.

You finally figure one thing out, then that opens a can of worms that means you need more knowledge, time and trial and error to make things work for you.

I LOVE building systems for creative businesses that are designed specifically with your needs in mind. My expertise straddles many options, so whilst I might use one, another might be perfect for you.

Not only am I fabulous at mapping this out, I show you how to use these systems, and future proof your learning through accountability coaching and awesome support long after we have worked together.

You might not do tech, but let's add a right now caveat to that statement. You will do tech when you have finished working with me.

Time to make that call

Struggling on alone with only YouTube videos and Facebook group advice for company?
After 15 years on the customer facing side of the hospitality industry, Zoë Dew has made the move to serve those people that she used to work with.

Zoë creates and educates in systems and processes, mainly working with creatively minded business owners. Having turned her passion into a business she is invested in aiding others to become self sufficient in their business rather than having to rely on the skills of others to earn more and save time.

A true believer in the power of tech, she is a champion for the solo business owner who wants to level up and become the CEO they are meant to be.

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