Taming Gaston – A Beginner’s Guide to BHAGs

Taming Gaston – A Beginner’s Guide to BHAGs

What’s The Big Fuzz About BHAGs?

Ah, the elusive BHAG. Never heard of them? Neither had I until I went round to my Dad’s last week and he had a piece of paper covered in his beautiful fountain penned handwriting. It was a grid of everything he wanted to achieve for the future and it was from 2018. Now in 2023 he had accomplished all but one of them.

BHAGs, he told me, are “Big, Hairy Arsed Goals” (not the official name I have since found out, which both disappointed and relieved me) which we must set ourselves. The actual name, Big Hairy Audcious Goals, probably gives a better picture of what we are aiming for. Big, hairy, and audacious, like Gaston in a corporate suit! When my dad showed me that piece of paper with “BHAG” scribbled on it, I felt like I had stumbled upon the business equivalent of the Philospher’s Stone. Yep, it’s that important.

Now, as someone who’s been navigating the wild waters of the online business world for a while, I can tell you that BHAGs are not your run-of-the-mill, “I want to increase revenue by 10% this year” kind of goals. Oh no, babe. These are the kind of goals that make your heart race and your palms sweaty. The kind of goals that make you question the very fabric of reality! 

The Science of BHAGs

Let’s get a bit science-y for a second, shall we? BHAGs are more than just a fancy acronym. They’re a psychological rocket fuel that propels you and your team toward greatness. Why? Because they’re audacious, and audacity triggers the kind of emotional response that turns the “impossible” into “fuck it why not me?”

The Tricky Business of Making BHAGs Achievable

Now, hold on to your knickers. It’s easy to scribble down a BHAG that’s as realistic as finding a unicorn at your local Starbucks. I mean, wouldn’t we all love to “End World Hunger” or “Become the Next Oprah”? But if these goals are as vague as my nannie’s understanding of the internet, you’ll end up demoralized rather than motivated. The goal will never be achieved. Leaving no room for the new goals that will keep your dopamine flowing. 

This is where I come in. With six years of online business experience and a newfound purpose in helping people achieve their BHAGs, I’ve got the tools you need to make these woolly mammoths a little more… shaveable.

So, how do we make BHAGs achievable?

Break ‘Em Down

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, said some wise old dude. The point is, break your BHAG into smaller, measurable targets. These babies act like breadcrumbs, guiding you toward the big, audacious feast.

Make it Tangible

Your BHAG should be as tangible as that cup of pumpkin spice latte you’re holding. Turn vague ambitions into concrete outcomes. Don’t just aim to “Be the Best”; aim to “Establish a Global Online Learning Community with Over 100,000 Active Monthly Members by 2028” or “Scale to Offer Online Career Coaching in 50 Different Industries by 2025” or “Build a Virtual Event Platform That Hosts Over 1,000 Industry-Specific Conferences Annually by 2024”.

Get Your People Onboard:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and certainly not by one person. Your BHAG is a collective mission. Rally your team, your partners, heck, even your dog walker if she’s got game. The more, the merrier, and the more achievable that BHAG becomes.

Why BHAGs Matter

In a world that celebrates quick wins, BHAGs are the marathon, not the sprint. They’re the North Star that keeps you moving forward, even when the going gets tough. BHAGs foster innovation, encourage courage, and make you aim higher than you ever thought possible. Need to answer if something is a good fit? Line it up with your BHAGs and you’ll soon have an answer.

So, as you venture forth to conquer your own business world, armed with ideal clients and content plans and a whole lotta audacity, remember that your BHAG isn’t just a goal; it’s a quest. A quest for greatness, for impact, and for a legacy that even Stephen Bartlett would be proud of. 🌟

Stay tuned for my next piece where I’ll delve into the details of turning your BHAG into a reality. Because audacious is the new achievable, babes.

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